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Over 30 years experience in parts and accessories for electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

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Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility Scooter Battery

Are you in need of a replacement battery for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair? We stock batteries for all major brands of mobility scooters, along with scooter battery chargers from 2amp hour to 8amp hour. Mobility Scooter batteries can range from 12v 7ah, 12v 12ah, 12v 35ah, 12v 50ah and right up to 12v 110ah. We can help you find the right replacement battery for your scooter. Simply browse our range below or call our free helpline on 08000 96 12 96 for assistance in sourcing the correct battery or charger. 

Which Mobility Scooter Battery To Choose?

If you are not sure which size mobility scooter battery you require, the number should be written on the battery (look for a number followed by "ah") e.g 12v7ah. This denotes a 12 volt, 7 amp hour battery. It is advised that you also check physical dimensions to ensure your chosen battery will fit safely and securely.

Please note mobility scooter batteries are not able to be zero rated when being replaced even when the scooter or wheelchair & the person involved is eligible for zero rated goods.  This is because the supply of the battery is not ancillary to the supply or service or repair of a qualifying product.

We also stock a large number of mobility scooter Battery Chargers suitable for most makes of  mobility scooters from 2amp hour upwards to 8amp hour.  All of these chargers are fitted with the round 3 pin unless requested otherwise.