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Over 30 years experience in parts and accessories for electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Need help finding a part?

We can help, and we can order parts not shown on our website.



We stock a huge range of scooter spare parts and consumables for most mobility scooter brands including replacement scooter batteries and scooter tyres. As well as the many scooter spares shown we are also able to supply many that we do not list.

Scooter spares listed on our website are normally available to you by the next working day.

If you cannot find the part you are looking for, or need help finding or identifying the part you require, please visit our Part Identification Service page.

  • Click and Go Removable basket

    £58.00 with VAT relief

    Click and Go Removable  Mobility Scooter Basket ideal for the Efoldi Lite and M Lite The basket is  13 inches wide (33cm) 9 inches deep (23cm) 9 in...

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  • M Lite Handle

    £60.00 with VAT relief

    M lite Carry handle assembly For the Motion Healthcare M lite  Mk 1 scooter. CareCo Minimus See image  for Mk1 which has a different battery box wi...

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  • Jack Plug Mobility scooter key -

    Jack Plug Mobility scooter key

    £8.50 with VAT relief

    Ignition Key (Jack Plug Type)  This moulded jack plug key is suitable for M Lite scooter from Motion Healthcare We stock replacement scooter keys, ...

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  • M lite Mobility Scooter Foot Rest Rubber Grip

    M Lite Foot Rest Rubber

    £10.00 with VAT relief

    M lite Foot Rest Rubber Grip For the Motion Healthcare M lite  Mobility scooter from Motion Healthcare Supplied singularly  order two to replace bo...

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  • Speed Pot Motion Healthcare Mlite

    £24.00 with VAT relief

    Speed Pot Motion Healthcare Speed Pot Assembly  Speed pot assembly to fit Motion Healthcare Mobility scooters  supplied with connector plug Motion ...

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  • MLite Arm Rest Set

    £98.00 with VAT relief

    MLite Arm Rest Set a pair of arm rests to bolt on to Mlite scooter , easily fitted  CareCo Minimus

  • Rear Wheel Mk1

    £40.00 with VAT relief

    Rear Wheel Mk1 M lite CareCo Minimus

  • Speed Dial Knob

    £6.00 with VAT relief

    Speed Dial Knob  Fits Motion M lIte  and CareCo Minimus & Maximus This push fit black plastic knob fits the speed pot  

  • Tiler Pipe Clamp Mk1 & Mk2

    £28.00 with VAT relief

    Tiler Pipe Clamp Mk1 & Mk2 Motion healthcare M lite Mk 1 and Mk 2

  • Motor and Brake Mlite

    £180.00 with VAT relief

    Motor and Motor Brake complete Mlite Motion Healthcare Mlite motor assembly including electro magnetic brake CareCo Minimus

  • Footrest Shield Rear

    £36.00 with VAT relief

    Footrest Shield Rear Motion healthcare Mlite Footrest Shield Rear plastic section cover

  • Footrest Shield Front

    £34.00 with VAT relief

    Footrest Shield Front Motion healthcare Mlite Footrest Shield Front plastic section cover

  • Side Chassis Plug

    £18.00 with VAT relief

    Side Chassis Plug Motion healthcare Mlite  Side Chassis plug  Fits Mk 1 & Mk2

  • Front Wheel Mk1 & Mk 2

    £40.00 with VAT relief

    Front Wheel Mk1 & Mk 2 M lite Careco Minimus

  • 11.6 ah Battery Pack Mk1

    £399.00 with VAT relief

    M lite mk12 Battery Pack with Loom Light Weight Battery pack  11.6ah You can now purchase an additional battery for your mLite scooter or a replace...

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