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DVLA Forms

There is a legal requirement to register a scooter with the DVLA, but it only applies to Class 3 scooters (those that can do more than 4mph and have lights) for road use.

A Class 3 scooter that is registered with the DVLA will have a number  issued to it for road use. At present, the DVLA will register the Class 3 powered mobility scooters under the ''Disabled Taxation Class'' using a V55 form. For Class 2 vehicles (those restricted to 4mph), the DVLA have exercised an extra statutory power which states that they do not need to be registered.

Do I need to Register & TAX my Mobility Scooter? - Yes if you have a Mobility Scooter designated as Class 3.

What is a class 3 scooter? - It is a scooter that is between 113.5 to 150kgs in weight and can travel faster than 4mph BUT no faster than 8mph. It MUST also be fitted with a switch to limit the maximum speed to 4mph so the scooter can be used on footpaths. Generally speaking class 3 scooters are larger outdoor machines.

Do I need a number plate? - When you register with DVLA you will be given a registration number in the same way as registering a car. However unlike a car there is currently no legal requirment to display the number plate.

Do I have to display the TAX disc -  (from October 2014 Tax Discs are no longer issued but you should still keep your documents safe  in case you are asked for proof).

How much will the TAX cost? - Road TAX for class 3 Mobility Scooters is currently FREE.

When you purchase a class 3 Mobility scooter from ourselves we will complete the DVLA forms with the required information. They must then be sent off to DVLA with your proof of ID - see below.

Your vehicle doesn't need to be registered or display a tax disc if it weighs less than 113.4kg, is for footway use only and has a maximum speed of four mph. 



For people who already have a scooter they can register the scooter as a used scooter. Guidance on competing this form is shown above and can be requested here.

Official information about the rules of using a mobility scooter from the department of transport about who can use a mobility scooter and where it can be used, as well as how to transport it safely on public transport can also be downloaded below.  

To order the application form select V55/5 Application for a first license for a Used Motor vehicle and declaration for registration by user, use the above link or DVLA Link Here          

  DVLA Application for a first registration of a used vehicle

To order the application form for a new motor vehicle and declaration of registration click  here  V55/4 

Please note that if you have bought a new mobility scooter from ourselves then we will supply the forms with your new scooter,

If you have bought your new scooter from somewhere else and they have not supplied the forms then this is also the form you require .


Send the completed form to:

DVLA Swansea
SA99 1BE

You can’t license your class 3 invalid carriage online or at a Post Office.