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Over 30 years experience in parts and accessories for electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

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Mobility Scooter Motor Brakes

Mobility Scooter Motor Brakes

We  supply a range of sizes of motor brakes for a wide range of mobility scooter manufacturers including Pride, Sunrise Medical, Electric Mobility, Invacare, Shoprider, Kymco, Days Healthcare, Rascal & Strider & others.

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We supply scooter motor brakes for a range of models including Pride, Sunrise Medical, Electric Mobility, Invacare, Kymco, Shoprider & others.

You make a mobility scooter stop by doing nothing. As soon as you stop pressing the wigwag the brakes automatically activate and bring the scooter to a gentle stop.

This is called passive braking and it works even if all the power to the electric scooter is cut off. It is the safest braking system possible and will stop the scooter even on a steep hill.

Some scooters will also come with an emergency brake (most class three scooters have this) A typical mobility scooter uses the regenerative braking system sometimes referred to as an electro-mechanical dynamic scooter brake.

When the operator releases the throttle the mobility scooter brake automatically slows the scooter to a stop. This is what keeps an unattended scooter from rolling away downhill.