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Over 30 years experience in parts and accessories for electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

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Plates and Guards

  • Food Guard

    £6.50 with VAT relief

    This flexible food guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim of the plate and creat...

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  • Henro-Plate

    £20.99 with VAT relief

    The Henro-Plate has a high back and a low front and is suitable for use with adults and children. It has a sloped design that allows food to slide ...

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  • Scooper Bowl

    £17.59 inc. VAT

    Rolled edge helps children eat without spills. Prevent spills and overflow with the scooper bowl. Children will love the unique shape. Rubber - rin...

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  • GripWare Round Scoop Dish Plastic

    £12.79 inc. VAT

    The low front and high back are ideal for persons with limited motor co-ordination or the use of only one hand. Dish measures 200mm (8") in diamete...

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  • Stay Warm Feeding Dish

    £16.99 inc. VAT

    Keep food warm for longer using this convenient dish. A chamber under the plate is easily filled with warm water, keeping food warm for longer. The...

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  • GripWare Partitioned Scoop Dish

    £16.49 inc. VAT

    Compartments help to keep food separate and provide more surfaces for scooping. Dish measures 220mm (8 ") in diameter with 19mm ( ") high dividers....

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  • GripWare Scoop Dish

    £26.39 inc. VAT

    Rim with grooved lip to help hold the utensil. Dish measures 230mm (9") in diameter. The base has non-slip rubber feet that hold the dish in place....

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  • GripWare High Sided Dish

    £21.19 inc. VAT

    GripWare High-Sided Dish makes independent eating easier. Made of melamine it is 20cm (7.75") in diameter and has sides that measure 3.2cm (1.25") ...

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  • Scoop Dish

    £17.09 inc. VAT

    Plastic dish with broad rim and raised side on one half of the dish which makes it easier to place food on a fork or spoon. Colour red. Diameter 30...

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