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Over 30 years experience in parts and accessories for electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

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  • Female Urinal1

    £19.09 inc. VAT

    A white plastic female urinal, ideal for bed or wheelchair use. Made from polypropylene with a capacity of 1 litre.

  • Temporarily Out of Stock

    Atlantis Male Urinal with Lid

    £9.89 inc. VAT

    Urinal holds 1 litre (32 oz), the bottle is translucent with a blue lid. Can be emptied easily and perfect for bedside use. Not autoclavable.

  • Temporarily Out of Stock

    Female Urine Bottle

    £13.20 inc. VAT

    This urinal is made from clear plastic, with its cleverly designed spout this makes the user feel comfortable. Easy to dispose of fluids. Will hold...

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  • Male Urinal

    £7.19 inc. VAT

  • Urinal Holder

    £8.99 inc. VAT

    A coated wire holder to keep urinals close to hand, making them quick and easy to use when needed. For use with PO50564 and PR50565.

  • Female Urinal

    £7.19 inc. VAT

    Urinals with a snap on lid and calibrated for output recording. Capacity 1 litre.

  • Female Urinal2

    £20.40 inc. VAT

    This female urinal is made from polypropylene. It can be used in an upright or lying position. Capacity 1 litre.

  • Male Urinal1

    £12.59 inc. VAT

    A clear polypropylene bottle with a handle and snap-on lid. Calibrated for output recording and the bottle is autoclavable. A low spill adaptor is ...

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  • Bed/Fracture Pan

    £22.20 inc. VAT

    This polypropylene bed pan is ideal for use by people who are immobile due to broken limbs or hip replacements and is easy to position. Can be auto...

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  • Oak Leaf Bed Pan

    £52.09 inc. VAT

    Polypropylene bed pan with handle for ease of use. Can be autoclaved or chemically cleaned. Dimensions: 430 x 320 x 120mm (17 x 12 x 5")

  • Bidet Bowl

    £8.99 with VAT relief

    The ideal solution to personal cleansing. The bidet bowl fits inside the toilet bowl converting a standard toilet to a bidet. Please note this prod...

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  • Travel John

    £10.19 inc. VAT

    This discreet, portable and disposable urinal is ideal for situations when toilet facilities are limited. The Travel John will hold up to 800ml (28...

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